Alexander Parent

Computer Science Student (Honors) (Co-op) - Math Minor


Most of my work is done in C++, Python, and NodeJS. A full list of programming languages I know can be found on my resume.

All the code I write for personal projects is open source and available on my github.

My software interest include game engine design, schedule conflict resolution, computer security, and artificial intelligence.

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In my free time I work on hardware projects. This hobby started with simply lighting up LEDs with an arduino, and has progressed in to writing VHDL for FPGAs, designing and routing PCBs with surface mount components, and programming in ARM assembly.

I hope to learn more about circuit design through the Digital Systems course I am currently taking.

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Web Design

In order to make my projects as accessible as possible, I have learned how to make functional and aesthetic web applications and web pages.

This can be seen in my course scheduler, and my text game website which was adapted to work as a webapp.

Feel free to look around and email me any questions at