Facebook meme sender



The Internet is a 'uge place. In the time that I've had with it, I have come to love memes. My goal was to share my love of memes with my slowly declining list of friends.

What it does

This program logs in to a Facebook account and sends a list of people memes

How I built it

I started by reverse engineering the Facebook messenger API in order to be able to upload files and send messages. I then wrote a scraper for Reddit to get memes.

The program starts by scraping subreddits and storing the url's of memes in a list. Memes are taken from this list and sent to Facebook in x second intervals.

Towards the end of this project I started to really feel the effect of the memes and lack of sleep.

The subreddits scraped were: youdontsurf dankmemes youdontsurf/top dankmemes/top

Challenges I ran into

A challenge I encountered was figuring out how to use Facebook's secret messenger api to send images to chats. After 3 hours of confusion I finally managed to get really lucky and fix the problem.

What I learned

This project taught me to never give up on my dreams.

What's next for Facebook meme sender

I will continue developing the python messenger API and eventually create bots with it.

My hope is that one day someone will continue my legacy of sending memes by hosting this and making the list of people they are sent to longer.

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