Scout Camp Organizer



What is this?

This is a program used by scout camp organizers. It allows the organizer to add events and descriptions, and allows people with the website link to sign up for events.

How it works

When the server is started up, a file containing camp data is loaded in to memory. The file format is eventName: eventDescription. When the page is requested, the event names and descriptions are rendered and sent to the user. Each event has an ID. When someone signs up for an event, the event ID is sent to the server along with their group name and their own name. This is then put in to another file which contains the event name, name of the person leading the event, and the group name of the person leading the event.

The site uses the jade template engine (now known as pug) to render pages.


This program has been used twice in the past year for two camps, and has received good feedback. It will potentially be used by even more camp organizers in the future.

Future goals

My future goal with this is to make it more accessible and secure by creating a site admin page which allows the admin to add events, and having users receive a key that must be entered before they can add events, to ensure nobody from outside the event can sign up.

Repository Statistics

screenshot When event names are hovered over they display event information
screenshot After someone signs up for an event the event is locked

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