Alexander Parent | Computer Science
Student (Honors) - Math Minor
2486 Fifth Line West L5K 1W2 Canada, Ontario
H (437) 580 3230 B Í
University of Guelph Guelph
Bachelor of Computing (B.Comp.), Computer Science (Co-op) (CS:C) 2016–Present
Math Minor
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Dean’s Honours List (All completed semesters)
Received University of Guelph Entrance Scholarship; Admission average of over 80%
Clarkson Secondary School Mississauga
Highschool, Grade 9-12 2012–2016
Skills Summary / Technical Abilities
Experience with:
{ Python
{ C/C++
{ Javascript/Node.js
{ Lua
{ Bash
{ Linux
{ Java
{ Bootstrap 4
Microcontrollers (Arduino/Teensy/etc.)
{ FPGAs (Altera DE1 dev board)
Circuit design (Schematic creation and
PCB routing
{ 68k Assembly
Personal Skills:
{ Communicating program design quickly and effectively
Attention to detail - Needed when designing schematics and
routing pcb’s
Understanding abstract concepts - Able to combine concepts
as seen in personal projects, specifically the course scheduler
Learning quickly - Shown in ability to complete school work
on time and work on personal projects
{ Works well under stress and time constraints
Highly motivated - Enjoys spending time learning material
outside of school
Strong problem solving skills - Able to add on to existing
software in a sensible way without creating new bugs
Learning independently - Works on multiple personal projects
outside of school
Additional Certifications:
French: Bilingual Certification Completed in Grade 12
Work Experience
Dellcom Industries Incorporated Vaughan
Costing, Filing, Inventory March, November 2015
Contact Information:
{ Address: 301 Millway Avenue Concord, ON, L4K 4T3
{ Phone: 905-761-0808
Local Hack Day III - Guelph:
{ Skills: Reverse engineer Facebook messenger API, Web scraping
MHacks X - Michigan:
{ Skills: Steganography (Encryption), Web sockets (node.js)
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Alexander Parent | Computer Science
Student (Honors) - Math Minor
2486 Fifth Line West L5K 1W2 Canada, Ontario
H (437) 580 3230 B Í
GPA: 83.313%
Notable Achievements:
{ MATH*2200 Advanced Calculus I: 88%
{ CIS*2030 Microcomputers: 85%
{ CIS*2520 Data Structures: 87%
{ CIS*1910 Discrete Structures in Comp I: 89%
{ CIS*2500 Intermediate Programming: 87%
{ CIS*1500 Introduction to Programming: 96%
Scouts: 2005-2014
Piano: Grade 8 RCM
Martial Arts: Ninjutsu
Finance: Trading stocks / Company analysis
Electronics: Circuit design and programming
Rubiks cube: Fastest time 25 seconds
University of Guelph
{ Active member of SOCIS - School of Computer Information Sciences: 2016-Present
{ Formula SAE - Guelph racing | Electrical team: 2017 - Present
Clarkson Secondary School
{ AV Club: 2012-2016
{ Cross Country: 2010-2014
{ Math Senior Scholars: Head of Technology, 2016
- Experience tutoring grade 9 students in math
Notable Projects
My Github:
Personal Website:
{ Personal website with descriptions of some projects I have done
{ Back end server is written in nodejs
{ Front end uses Bootstrap v4.0
Text Game Website:
{ Front end made with node.js
{ Back end text game engine (C++)
{ Games made in custom scripting language
{ This project lead to a greater understanding of the complexities of scripting languages and their implementation
Dungeon Crawler Game:
{ Functional game engine (C++) and map editor (Python)
{ This project lead to a greater understanding of game creation and static/dynamic compiling
School Course Scheduler:
{ Web stack based on Nodejs, with python web scraping and C++ for scheduling algorithms
{ Bootstrap on front end
{ Over 700 active users
{ Communicated with peers in order to provide a better more intuitive service
DS Lite calculator:
{ Calculator program for the DS lite with functions such as sin and cos
{ Low level programming
{ Recursive mathematical string parsing with order of operation
Scout camp organizer:
{ Allows organizers to create events
{ Simplifies camp organization
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